A stress free aura for your living room

living room design as to make you stress free

The living room tends to be an important area for us to slacken a bit. We human beings have always longed for comfort and ease despite the tremendous technological development, we need a place where we can sit back and enjoy the aura of being in our “home sweet home”. Lowering the stress level is what is expected from our living room environment. Some of the factors that can insanely contribute to it have been mentioned below :
Ample natural light:
Light has a very important influence on our mood. We should use more indirect forms of light like lamps instead of strong, fluorescent lights. On the other hand, a beautiful setting beside the window where there is enough passage of sunlight can be a stress-free zone.

Indoor plants have always been a trend for decades. They resemble an eco-friendly way of living.
Earthy Patterns:
Use of natural earthy wallpapers along with some natural brown, beige, pink beige, burnt orange, powder blue textured fabric over the sofas and curtains gives a soothing and calm effect. A blend of these earthy hues can immensely add on to our spiritual enlightenment.
Appreciation of clear spaces:
“less is more”. A hotchpotch of unorganized strewn belongings is the greatest hurdle towards finding comfort. You should organize and position things properly in order to transform your living into a great relaxing retreat. The picturesque illustrations given below are a great example: