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HSE Vision

We at Aenzay Interiors & Architects believe very sincerely in Corporate Social Responsibilities. It is a social liability of an organization to devote itself back to society. Corporate social responsibility is, building long-term relationships with communities of society, this relationship which is equally beneficial to a corporate social cause and ultimate respect for the Company’s foreign relation with corporate communities working in Pakistan.

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Being a healthy and productive aspect of society, AenZay focuses on meeting the expectations of its internal and external social environment. It is our premium goal to arrange all kinds of preventive measures before initializing sensitive executions in our ongoing projects. we invest in our employees through Health and Safety policy, because we believe our human capital is the most important component of our system.

HSE Policy

Aenzay Interiors and Architects is committed to the prevention of injuries and the promotion of a safe, secure, and respectful working environment for all our employees. Furthermore, Aenzay Interiors & Architects is committed to comply with requirements and work to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Management and employees

    Aenzay Interiors & Architects strive to achieve these goals by:

  • Meeting all applicable quality, health & safety legal requirements in the territories we operate in.
  • Ensuring protection and prevention of injury & ill health of employees.
  • Monitoring, identifying, avoiding, investigating and, where possible, occupational risks & hazards to provide a safe & healthy workplace.
  • Providing awareness and training to enable all stakeholders comply with its IMS policy and procedures.
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