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Architectural Design process Step By Step

The procedure of the Architectural design process:

Step by Step Commercial Project Architectural Design Process by AenZay interior & architect. Our designers focus on the aesthetic aspects to give more importance to functionality while creating an interior design space for commercial use. AenZay recently completed a commercial project and shared their experience with the design process of the architectural design services.

Services that AenZay Interior & Architect offers and included in architects :

Interior Designing
✔️ Architectural Designing
✔️ Construction & fit-outs
✔️ 3d Modelling

Do you want to know about the step-by-step process of Architectural design?

If yes, then this blog post is going to be very informative for you. Here, AenZay is going to highlight its step-by-step procedure of Architectural design services. Keep in touch with us and be updated. By using the image, you easily see the layouts, and definition of given structure and management of spaces.

architectural design process step by step

Check out what Farooq Malik says about architects and architectural design process.

We have interviewed some of our famous architects. Check this video and get more innovative solutions.

In this interview Farooq Malik have shared commercial project architectural designs recently completed by AenZay. Have a look on architect and 3D design view.  By using AutoCAD, he have designed this layout.

Stages of Architectural design Process:  
1- Firstly, AenZay’s site visit team visit the area and get measurements. 2- Secondly, they get area measurements in which they occupy and then roughly sketch according to the client’s requirement. 3- Later, we set up office furniture designs according to maintain our layout which is known as the 2D layout. 4- Then, we adjust workstations and office furniture in it. 5- Finally, on the bases of these three workstations and office furniture adjustment then we move on to its 3D view. 6- Similarly, In 3D layout, we maintain and estate a room design to get further ideas. In this stage situations, we share with our clients and they also review the complete estimated look of the room so that get the idea that after the completion of the room it will look like this. If they are satisfied then we proceed otherwise we make some amendments to it. 7- On the last stage, we send our team to design that area according to these layouts. Our interior designers and architects design that area according to the given measurements. Have a look at the complete architectural design of the commercial project executed by AenZay.
architectural design process step by step