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Choosing the good color palette for room

The importance of color cannot be denied. Choosing the right color scheming is an important and difficult task if you’re planning to decorate home. The selection of interior paint is easier. We should start with natural colors.

Selection of a color
The selection of color is not difficult. There are primary, secondary and tertiary colors in the color palette.

• The common or primary colors are yellow, red and blue. They’re original colors and cannot be recreated.
• The secondary colors purple, green and orange. They formed in two colors.
• The tertiary color is a mixture of primary and secondary colors. It is a refined example of hues, moreover, white and black are added to make hues light or soft.

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Color Scheme

The color wheel can help in the creation of color schemes. Below are examples of color schemes.


The monochromatic uses the tone of the same color with the help of natural color such as black or white to lighten the color. In this effect, blue may become navy blue or dark midnight and it changes the effect of blue color.

monochromatic bedroom interior


 There is a similarity in this color scheming. For instance, yellow will be used with orange, blue or green. This effect will create vibrant and lively colors.

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The color scheming of contrast is more dramatic. They form hard colors and bring energy into room color.

Interior design in Bahria town


We have complementary schemes in the list too. They’re two equal or opposing colors such as yellow or purple. They’re used to create bolder and energy into living space. The complementary scheme has a significant effect on color scheming.

color interior design

Creation of Color Scheme
We’ll not stop you from selecting wall color. The wall paints are not expensive.  Beginners should start with furnishing or rugs. After the selection of furnishing, it becomes easier to select the wall color.

Wall color selection