Architect Confession – Choosing the Layout of kitchen

The Architect and interior designing are inevitably physical entities that form the fabric and the setting of everyday life.
Flashback to the near past symbolizes the kitchen as a neglected room just used as a workplace for a short span of time. Lying at the corner, the isolated and abandoned kitchen fought its fate and shifted to the heart of the house. As time is passing, new concepts are emerging, after the ideas of Mr. Frank Llyod Wright, kitchens are further demarcated on the basis of layout, termed as the open and close kitchen.


What exactly architect says about kitchen layouts?

Here comes an intriguing interrogation to the mind that which layout of the kitchen will suit your house. Open or closed? A short analysis of your personality and day-to-day dealings will help you to find the rejoinder. As the world is running on the path of technology and advancement at a high pace & to cope with the growing needs, almost every person of the house has to be a part of this race for maximum output.

Despite the hectic advanced life, there is always a kitchen queen in the house. A kitchen is a place where female members have to devote a quarter of their day to cooking and maintenance activities, which means that six out of twenty-four hours per day they have to be isolated from other family affairs.

Structure should be according to architect

A structure of walls becomes a “home sweet home” when the inhabitants are strongly connected to each other. The open kitchen at the heart of the house is surely a solution for such kind of problems, where a mother may prepare food, wash the dishes & keep an eye on the children simultaneously. It also caters for serving at the spot on the island, with a nice heart-to-heart chatter with the kindred or watching your favorite prime time show while preparing pasta. 

How open kitchens are helpful?

When guests come to your home and you want to expend time with them but also to serve them with your special hot & sour soup, you have to trade off one of your activity if you have a closed kitchen but with an open one you may delight in the chit chat and make a fare to serve them at the same time with a scrumptious fragrance of the food throughout the recess. Oh! What if it’s an event when you are preparing fish or curry? A good ventilation plan with venting fans & ducts is an accustomed way to wipe off the lingering odors out of your house. A witty tip is just to keep an air freshener on the sideboard and use it afterward.

interior designing and architect

Coming to the traditional closed kitchen, just a perfect area for the introvert and reserved users. Where the most important crux is personal privacy and bothering is just equal to stealing the concentration or the type of imperial families. Hence where the family members are sitting at the dining table, waiting to be served conventionally indelicacy. Yes, I do want to quote an example of my friend. They are much disturbed in their new house with an open kitchen because of their reserved nature and also their kitchen is a mess most of the times. It rules out the beauty of the whole house. They wanted to go for remodeling but the expenses were too much for cutting off the island, and also fittings. Similarly placement of appliances so they backed off from the decision.


Concluding the discussion on a down-to-earth confession that the kitchen is an active part of the house. Its layout must suit your personality and also behavior. Racing over the trends is not important. But making them fit into your life is, that’s what the architects & interior designers are for. Logically incorporating all the distinct activities in which everyday life is practiced. For me, they are actually the minds who convert the principles into a material world. That people want to believe in, to build up and behave.