messy room arrangement

Clear up the Mess.

A fabricated myth about embellishing the spaces and places is that to fill every space with an article or element and trying to add things in each and every nook of the house to make it visually “decorated”.
I was surfing on the internet while my eyes paused at research that showed that around 121 million people in the world have reported that they are suffering from depression and the stress level increases by the lifestyle as well. Thus there is a need to assess the causes and lessen the illness with chunks of possible remedies at every level. Studies even have shown that people who keep neat and tidy homes actually have lower stress levels which directly lead to lowered blood pressure. Fewer things with more spaces and arranged in a decent manner allows the viewer to relax rather than cluttered and fully occupied spaces. While arranging it must be kept in mind that “every place does not need to have an article and it is not bad to have empty spaces”.

Move your gaze around your house and check the showcase present in your lounge or study. You would notice that you have tried to beautify all thecabinetsand cases with a variety of articles. If it’s a book case then along with books the empty spaces without books are garnished with cards lantern and frames to make it in its peak condition. A shelf reserved for books in a case must always have books only, may be arranged symmetrically or in a pyramid style with longest lengths at the center. Similar is the example for the walls and corners of the room. Zoom in the picturesque illustration given along and judge yourself!