bedroom interior designs

Design room with less space

Design Room

To design a room by Keeping the hues to the minimum and using light tones, along with mirrors on any of empty wall, is the best solution to the compact area to design room.
Tall ceilings exposed beams, and pipes all these elements reinvent the sober industrial style and contribute to a fresh atmosphere.

Studio Apartment – Design Room

When it comes to designing a room by utilizing space to the fullest, none other than the idea of a Studio Apartment comes to mind. It has been a part of the interior design culture for a long time. No matter how tiny a studio apartment is, nothing beats having your own space.
If space is efficiently use it turns into the mansion of your dreams. I came across these beautiful pictures of tiny studio apartments on the internet. And I thought to gather a riveting explanation of how to make space look more capacious.

Bed space

bedroom interior designs
design room
The bed space is covered with a big canopy along with some hanging curtains around gives a cozy-look-like space that has been efficaciously separated from the rest of the area. It is placed around a wall so that that you will prop pillows up so as to use it as a couch.

Design room is an art:

Use the seating so as to assure as much storage as possible. Multifunctional furniture would do great. A seat provided on the top and a storage area underneath to stock in your shoes or other accessories would be ideal.

Wooden Room

interior design room
Wooden Room
A tall floor lamp along with a single couch can be the focal point and an inspiring nook for reading.
Always look up for storage potential in the kitchen. Surrender one of your kitchen walls for shelves from top to bottom and place them with the utensils in use.
Trays and large plates if not in use can be hung on the walls for decorative purposes.