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Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Decor

Home Decor :

Home decor is too expensive to buy. We can save plenty of money by making home decor design. Doing home decor is a fun, exciting, and very creative activity.

Few ideas on how to make DIY (DO IT Yourself) home decor design

Transforming an old cabinet

The old cabinet can be separated. The outdated paint can easily repaint the cabinet surface and make it useful again.

Reusing old Ladder

The plant’s hang pot can be used on the ladder rack. If you’re unaware of how to grow plants in a hanging basket, you can even get it at a low price from a florist. 

Combination of the cabinet with wallpaper

The cabinet of the drawer cab was refurbished by using wallpaper. Beautiful and patterned wallpaper bought online. These wallpapers come with an adhesive that can easily be pasted to cabinet surfaces using glue.

People have a mini library in their home decor, where they keep a collection of books. Books can be placed on the couch. This will save them from dust.

Converting Grass Baskets into Towel shelves
Grass baskets can easily be attached to the wall, which can easily make room for additional shelving. The accessories of the bathroom have an ideal place in the wall basket.  This simple and plain skill can kill the bad odor of the washroom.

Encircle Jute Rope in home décor 

Jute rope can wrap with an old vase. The vase can be motionless by applying glue to its surface. An old vase becomes more beautiful with a bouquet. 

Home décor