Health and Safety policy:

Aenzay safety standards are based an outcome of past experience. These standards are defining compliance which have shape organization structure. Aenzay ensures that its employees apply health and safety standards in workplace., special training sessions are conduct in this regard. Failure to comply is sufficient grounds for disciplinary action or for termination of employment either contract also.

It is in our SOP to provide safe and accident- free atmosphere to employees. Moreover, safe and healthy environment are not built overnight. They’re outcome of continuous effort and determination to create benchmarks in order to providing safe environment.

It’s not solely responsibility of management to adhere compliance, it requires cooperation from every and single individual. Therefore, it’s important to have open and clear communication across the board.

Everyone is not perfect some are quick learner and some adapt quickly to change. Site workers who have safety problems or they have impression that further training is required to accomplish job, they must inform their line supervisors. Thus, it is then responsibility of line supervisors to address these concerns and provide additional training.

It is important for every employee to adhere and apply safety protocols in workplace. Supervisors must instill a positive attitude and safety awareness in their workers through personal adherence, personal contact, training, and regularly scheduled safety meetings. It is important part of their job descriptions to strive very hard to comply the policies of health and safety standards.

Health and safety standards are integral part of Aenzay compliance, which promotes culture of productivity and quality. Moreover, they go hand in hand. Of course, the best reason for you to observe these policies is because it’s in your own self-interest to do so.

The continuous usage of safety compliance makes work and site place safer, health and risk free to work. We continuously endeavor to achieve high quality standards.

Signature of official,


Health and safety policy

Statement of intent

Aenzay is very is committed to providing comprehensive health and safety training and induction to staff, contractors. Most employees have different sort of weakness which prevent them to giving their best performance. Providing training to employees helps in increasing efficiency and productivity.

Aenzay acknowledges the fact, that safety of employees is top most priority. To stay at the ahead of competition, it’s important to retain customer whilst having satisfied and motivated workforce. 

Health and Safety Compliance

Aenzay will document every activity, which helps us in improving operations and processes. We’ll protect our employees’ and neighbors’ life and health, as well as the general public in larger context against hazards inherent in operations. We’ll minimize any negative impact on biodiversity, climate change and water scarcity.

In addition, it improves our operational resilience and enhances our attractiveness as an employer and partner of choice for investors, occupiers, suppliers and the local communities in which we operate.

Our Health and Safety Mission

  • We are committed to providing safe and healthy environments for all users of the buildings, houses and places we manage, and to the wellbeing of our staff.
  • We aim to be a leader in our industry and set ourselves ambitious targets which we monitor our performance against.
  • We are committed to continual improvement in health and safety management. Our employees will be coached and trained in safety standards of health and safety.


Our base line responsibilities of health and safety will follow protocols of, RICI ISO 9001:2015 and Nebosh, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Every quarter we’ll conduct internal audit, simultaneously, single external audit will carry out by international body of RICI. These audits will improve efficiency.
  • to make preparations for safe usage of materials, safe handling, keeping the storage safe and transportation  of materils and substances;
  • to provide such information, instruction, training and supervision of HS manager is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the premises of clients and those involved in construction activities;
  • to maintain a safe means of access to and egress from our properties, including our warehouse;
  • to provide and maintain environments at our properties, including our warehouse, which are safe and without risks to health;
  • We’ll conduct toolbox talk as a part of operation’s before starting work at site. The toolbox talk will held under supervision of HSE supervisors.


Training and education cannot be over-emphasized as a means of learning a health and safe approach to employee work effort. Knowledge of the safety rules and how a when to function under the rules, supplemented by compliance, is essential to safety of our employees and towards society too.

  • It is important for new hire employees to attend safety and health training programs.
  • Aenzay will complete training and orientation to newly join employees. Moreover, they will be furnished with information and organization literature that includes health and safety compliance.
  • These training programs will be based on rules and procedures and will be given to employees before hand to ensure that their work is free from hassle of accident.

If there is dire need to provide Individual job/task training, we’re open for that where applicable, we’ll provide complete regulations/standards which is important for starting job or any task and it will be given to all employees. This training will include: the
acknowledgement, evading, and anticipation of hazardous conditions areas and actions that require proper usage of personal protection equipment’s and proper usage safety equipment’s

We’ll conduct {Monthly/quarterly} and as a matter of fact back to back safety training sessions. We’ll conduct biweekly compliance meetings to provide updates and coaching on new equipment’s, new techniques, new chemicals, refresher/remedial training in specific These on-going training programs will held in liaise with safety briefings given by HSE managers

Training and coaching will helm by HSE manager to new resource. HSE supervisors will ensure employees arescheduled and provided this training as required.

HSE manager will provide training about safety signs and notices. though, employees these training to workplace and where employees or third-party are engaged in construction site

  • Aenzay is aware about importance of emergency plan. These tailored plans are subject to premises. It will be include, what actions are needed to be taken in a fire in your premises, workplace or construction site. All employees will be trained to aware of the risks in premises. HSE manager will ensure fire risk assessment is up-to-date.
  • Safe handling/use of flammables, poisons, or toxics;
    * Confined space entry;
    * Respirator care/use;
    * Hazard communication (hazardous chemicals);
    * Fall hazards and fall protection;
    * Lockout/tagout procedures;
    * Scaffold use, and erection/dismantling

 Every training will be documented and most importantly it will be put employees’ personnel records.

We’ll ensure employees will review their training manuals and they’ll evaluate themselves in more productive manner to achieve benchmarks of safety protocols.


The OSHA Form 300 will record all type of work-related injuries and illnesses, which will have proper record in officer. This strategy involves monitoring the matter of work-related injuries and rectify it.

This information will be pass on to main office for placing onto the master log within seven days after the incident has took place. . If the construction site is operational for more than year, a different and separate fill will be maintained for the site, either at workplace by HSE manager or by the supervisor of site.


Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control
Hazard documentation and removal is not only an intrinsic responsibility of supervision in providing a safe workplace for employees, it also demands employee’s participation.  Aenzay takes hazard evaluation and control on very serious note. We believe that we cannot work standalone, it is core responsibility management, team members, supervisors and all resource to play crucial role in identification of report handling and taking necessary measures to protect employees from unforeseen hazards.

Aenzay have SOP for conducting inspections of jobsites for compliance with health and safety rules. The in-house inspection team will identify hazards and unsafe processes that can cause injury from site. We’ll create mandatory safety and health inspections team which will follow principles in minimum timelines:

Health and Safety Manager will ensure safety compliance are being met on monthly and daily bases.

  • Project superintendent will ensure that they are visiting construction sites on regularly weekly bases an ensuring employee are following proper compliance.
  • It’s responsibility of supervisors to log complaints and work-related injuries into file.
  • Aenzay health and safety program will be revised by health and safety department on annual bases.
  • Insurance of employees working on site: We’ll provide technical and medical assistance and may conduct inspection of site, if there is dire need or if it being requested by site supervisor.
  • We’ll discuss loopholes with employees any person involving in injury, we’ll invite their comments and feedbacks in this regard.
  • if hazards are mainly caused by third-party suppliers, then we’ll discuss the whole situation line supervisor, then problem will be escalated to manager then HOD.
  • We’ll ensure correct measures are being taken in order to avoid hazard or accident at workplace. We’ll involve other stakeholders in this regard such has assistant supervisor, line supervisor and site managers.
  • We’ll radically follow up with change, corrections and take necessary measures of actions to save employees from any accidents.
  • HSE manager will provide compliance of checklist to Aenzay health and safety personal, which will include statement of corrective actions needed to be taken.



Housekeeping supervisor ensures that workplace and or guest room are neat, tidy and beautiful without any mess.

With every passing day, housekeeping department pile up tissue papers, towels, fresh linens, cleaning materials of workplace and toiletries, and they head towards their designated floor. The housekeeping supervisor or housekeeping department will keep every particular record of work carried out by their department and where necessary set out dates for routine work.

Examples of their work include fire alarms, cleaning fences and anchorage points for safety harnesses.

Poor housekeeping can be one of the reasons of hazards:

  • The workplace is dirty, unhygienic and could be one reason of seasonal disease.
  • Striking or sloping over obstructions in workplace;
  • Taking fire exits routes and doorway for granted and blocking them without any reason.
  • The workplace areas are overcrowded and stuff are placed like jigsaw puzzle.
  • Poor housekeeping can be one of reasons of major accidents and bad or ill health is important factor in many incidents which are being bypass. The unhygienic workplace can be cause of infection and may be harm caused by toxic effects.

Function of good housekeeping

  • Good housekeeping is sign of healthy and safe work environment. Though, not only it prevents accidents, hazards and fires it also helps in creating professional safe workplace environment.
  • The material should be place in store room that it will not be enlisted to fall.
  • Work areas should be cleaned from combustible scrap, rubble and garbage, more often on regular and interval bases.
  • Walkways, stairways which are closer to electrical panels must be kept clear of trash, garbage and debris.
  • Floor should be driver which is important for their environment, as a matter of fact if inside floor is in wet condition. They should be slippery, which may be risk to employee safety.
  • Housekeeping should keep workplace tidy, where obstructions can’t move away it is better to use warning sign to keep aware of uncertain danger.
  • There should be good lighting, which will enable people to see any unforeseen danger and most important slippery areas while not creating glare. HSE manager or housekeeping supervisor should replace and clean lights before it reaches too low for safety of work.
  • It is prime responsibility of HSE manager or housekeeping that there is enough lighting in staircases, office or home.
  • These prevention methods will save human beings from any hazards.

Fire Prevention

Aenzay will provide adequate fire-fighting equipment, moreover, it is important to ensure that the correct fire extinguishers are provided for the hazards present in premises.

Firefighting or tools used in accidents should be kept in accessible place. They should be inspected periodically and maintain in good condition. Aenzay will hold monthly and annually visual inspections of equipment’s.

  • We’ll ensure that employees of Aenzay know the location of firefighting equipment and they must have knowledge how to use these equipment in case of emergency
  • Only approved by HSE manager will be for handling or storing flammable liquids, if the quantity of flammable liquid is larger than one gallon.
  • Workplace will be kept clear from any human activity, if heat product equipment is used, then HSE supervisor will eliminate all sources of potential fire products.
  • A salamander or other open-flame equipment will not be used in limited or
    enclosed structures without good ventilation. Heaters will be vented to the
    atmosphere and there will be enough distance from walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Fire extinguisher will be available every time when using heat-producing
    Storage of LPG within buildings or homes is prohibited.

Industrial hygiene and health

It is sole responsibility of HSE manager that equipment used of cleaning is convenient for type, location, and not harmful for the surface being used. Suggestions should be taken beforehand from device manufacturers of proper usage of equipment or cleaning supplies. It is then up to employees that there is no further additional slippery on workplace.

Whether its cleaning of workplace or tear down is carried out by maintenance department, proper signage should be used such has danger sign, warning signs or temporary closures of some areas.

  • There should be sufficient amount of toilet facilities for employees.
  • There should be proper supply line of water, moreover, the usage of common drinking cup should be prohibited in designated place.
  • The compliance should be made prior to any hazard or accident rather than it is being made after unforeseen medical emergency or incident.
  • if medical facility is far from reach and it is not accessible then person who has valid certificate in handling of medical emergencies or possess first aid training should available on site to handle particular incidents.
  • The employees must use proper personal protective equipment against danger or hazardous noise level, which will protect their ear drum from any hearing loss.
  • Proper ventilation or personal respiratory devices should be used against any harmful gases, fumes or similar airborne hazards which possess stringent risk to human life.
  • Demolition work will be carried out by extreme preventive measures. Moreover, if it involves drywall or any painted surfaces or abrasive blasting.

Personal Protective and Related Equipment

PPE is equipment that will protect the employees against health or safety risks at work. It will also includes respiratory protective equipment.

  • Site supervisor and workers on site will wear personal protective equipment for each job n all operations where is minor or major exposure to hazardous conditions. These equipment’s will be approved and reviewed by HSE managers.
  • Employees should know the importance of using personal protective equipment in workplace.
  • Aenzay will provide proper training and coaching to highlight the usage of safety equipment’s. When employees will be reporting to working, they must be in good and fit condition to meet daily obligations of work.
  • HSE manager will ensure that employees are using face shields, helmets, Goggles and other equipment’s to protect face and eye from any hazardous situation.
  • hats and safety boots must be worn by all employees before starting work and it will minimize accident at workplace.
  • It is mandatory for HSE managers to ensure that employees are giving gloves, aprons and boots as necessary protection if they’re handling or carrying any acid or other chemical which may injure them.

Respiratory equipment is highly important in any case without any need of having or not. It protects employees against any toxic and hazardous fumes. HSE supervisor which equipment is necessary for breathing safety. Aenzay will used MSHA/NIOSH approved equipment

  • We’ll provide fall protection equipment where employees are subject to any fall hazard of more than six feet. (Exceptions: scaffolds – ten feet, and ladders.) Fall protection equipment may include guardrails, safety nets or personal fall arrest systems etcetera.

Safety Railings and another Fall Protection

Falls are one of major cause of fatalities in construction industry. It accounts for one-third of all fatalities in industry. We acknowledge that incidents particular that involves falls are generally very complex events and it involves variety of factors.

  • Site workers which are working on open sided floor or platforms above six feet high must be protected by a standard railing.
  • If there is a break in elevation of 19 inches then stairway or ladder must be provided.
    platforms, temporary floors, safety lines, or safety belts, is impractical.
  • HSE supervisor will ensure that employees are using lanyard, lines and lifelines in lieu of other fall protection systems.
  • For more than six-foot fall adjustment of lanyards must be provide with all tie off points and more importantly it will be at least waist high.


All contracts and subcontracts require adhering compliance of RICI ISO 9001:2015 These standards of health and safety provisions will apply to sub-contractors and their employees, if they’re providing any service to Aenzay.

If they’re failure to meet safety standard benchmark, then contract will not be given to them or there is possibility that contract can be terminated without any prior notice.

The following actions will be taken on all work site accidents whether if incidents are not reported in due time.

  • If employee have been suffered from injury, they must inform their supervisor as soon as possible to prevention steps. Most important notified incidents within time frame of 72 hours who have inform their officials or supervisors, all these incidents will be investigated by safety managers or supervisor to determine reasons and take necessary steps to prevent it happen again.
  • It is responsibly of claim manager to complete employer’s information sections of reported incident which have been occurred within ten days of notification period.
  • The investigation will determine whether the incident was job relayed for resultant to be claim valid.
  • Aenzay have started modified job program for rehabilitation of injured employees. It will allow them to work as light duty or part time, which will be recommended by visiting physician.