Interior design principles

Interior design rejuvenates the process of interior space, through interlink of spatial volumes along with surface treatment.  People get confused when they treat interior design and interior decoration as the same domain.

Interior designer is considered professionals in their arena. Interior design is a painstaking process that scrutinizes programmatic information, it gives design new direction, emphasizes graphic communication, and requisite documents. In jurisdiction space, interior designers must be licensed in order to practice the profession.

Home is a very important domain for interior designers.  There are numerous spaces interlinked with by halls and then stairway. It is necessary to have a theme based on the needs of the client, as a matter of fact, individuals aesthetic sense are different. Thus it is not necessary to say all interior design themes are same but they worked in a way to accomplished and strengthen the whole composition. Interior designers can create unique storylines and themes when their grip on color schemes is strong. For instance, you’ll probably select more than three colors and utilize them in varying shades.

To make it more simple, we have a sum of three types of design balances. These are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial

Symmetrical Balance:  It Is found in common traditional interior designs. The same objects are portrayed in the same direction or parallel side of the vertical axis. The symmetry style also reflects the human body, In a way, we naturally feel convenient in a natural setting.

Asymmetrical Balance: It is more common these days. The balance of interior is achieved through opposite and dissimilar objects that have equal weight. The design of asymmetrical balance is more common than its counterpart and hence, it is more difficult to achieve perfection.  However, it gives a lively breath to interiors.

Radial Symmetry:  In Radial all designs become the cornerstone. The spiral staircase is a phenomenal example of radial balance. This contemporary design is not center of age for interior designers, though, it can provide an interesting counterpoint if it is used accordingly.

The most important feature of the interior design profession involves infinite details of the requirement of clients.  Every stuff from color shades of the lamp, to the color of scatter cushion, to the interior of kitchen and cupboard which needs attention. People find it boring to answer it but it’s important to have all these details handy, in order to construct or design alluring home.