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Interior Design Trends In 2015

In 2015, we are celebrating personality, serenity, versatility, and innovation. A fusion of old and new interior designing ideas create interesting living spaces. As living rooms have become more relaxed places for lounging, there is less need for formal sofas and instead. We revive the trend of 1987 to 2015 in the form of Big Comfy Sections. We need more space that invites one to lie down with a plush throw and a good book.
Natural elements like stone and wood dominate modern interior design trends. The color Blue has always been a calming color but people now like the idea of cozying up in the hues of the deepest sea.
The exciting and fresh combinations of rustic and retro styles with comfortable. Classy interior design trends ideas create a functional and inviting room. Nature inspired fabric patterns and colors connect people with nature to feel pleasant and fresh.

Organic things:

Geometric hexagons and honeycomb shapes are hot whether in the form of chairs, table, tiles or fabric pattern. The polygon feels both modern, modular and organic at the same time.
There is always something extraordinary about being surrounded by books. And now libraries are making a comeback as they preserve the memory of the characters, the stories, the words that have touched in.

Greek blue, sour green with pallets of pastel and neutral grey are the colors of nature. That we would like in 2015 to give our places a homey, contemporary and inviting feel. Old wood tables and chairs make a room mingle between a modern yet classy look. That gives a feeling of the era.
The rustic textured tiles give a feeling of us standing in the middle of nowhere yet giving an extraordinary feel of something very contemporary.
In 2015 it is all about merging nature with a contemporary lifestyle to give an extraordinary feeling of comfort and luxury.