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Terrace Landscaping; Creativity at its Peak

In summer, winter, autumn, spring, or even monsoon the idea of rooftop landscaping and gardening pleasingly serves the purpose of expanding space. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when creating a rooftop garden. Landscaping at the roof adds up for a new amusing space for the home users for passing their time.
Designers, architects, and urban planners are always in a striving mode to make the lives of people more convenient, healthy, and functionally beautiful. Rooftop gardening is an artistic creative idea for urban areas where there is less space for green areas.
First of all, you must go through the local regulations as this garden may require special treatment in the rules and it is always best to know these things before you spend time and money.
Secondly, involve an architect or designer for setting up the structure. In Pakistan, the rules prohibit building a structure without permission, but the use of planters, containers, and similar elements can be used easily.
Thirdly, use less weight as much as possible, and fourthly add up a tap on the roof as it would not be fun to take water stuff to water the plants in summer.

Rooftop Gardening & Terrace Landscaping

The most common rooftop garden involves the use of lightweight containers. This design is not only popular but it’s easier to maintain, offers more flexibility, and is less expensive.
Fiberglass or wooden planters can also be used. Lining the bottoms of containers with a plastic sheet layering over lightweight material, such as peat or sphagnum moss, is another good idea. Use of wall lights and evergreen plants, wall creepers like bougainvillea, ficus pumila can be used for this purpose.
Rooftop container gardens are extremely versatile too. Plants can easily be rearranged or relocated to different areas, especially during winter when they can be moved indoors.
A shaded seating plan also adds up to the beauty of the place. The terrace garden encompasses and complements this creativity. So! Buck up and get ready for a new era of landscaping not only in the lawns but also on the terraces and roofs. Few appealing snapshots are implanted in the article to intrigue the readers.