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Let The Designer Do The Brain Work!

Interior Designer :

No offense, but yes when someone hires an Interior designer he/she should keep room for acceptance. Approving what the designer has to say, rather than expecting him to tell what the client has in mind. The easiest way is to tell your designer what you “want” & what you “need” & let the designer do the rest of the job.

Marvelous designer prioritize the needs of the people that come to them for consultancy. It is said by a wise man: ”when an idiot asks for advice, he expects you to tell him what he wants to hear”.

What Science says about designers?

The science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of interference and demonstration are basically what we call logic.
The same goes for interior design. But unfortunately, there is a general misconception that interior design is only artwork especially the clients. Oh yes, the CLIENTS! It’s not all about placing furniture and painting walls. It is much MORE! Interior designers are taught to understand the needs, moods, and almost every criterion of a client, wish they could digest that.

Room Designing

Designing a room is not like wearing a piece of jewelry that you could wear for a while, instead, it’s 24-hour maintenance and usage. They design spaces keeping in mind that a room is going to be used for working, playing, enjoying, sitting and chatting, watching tv, relaxing, etc.
There is a misconception in our society about hiring interior designers that once. they are hired the clients tend to consider them slaves to whom they are paying money to get the work done which is professionally unethical. According to the codes of conduct of a designer, it is their duty to make people aware of the right and wrong options.

Know more about designers:

On the other hand, the work of a true professional interior designer is a combination of DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY. Space design and execution is ultimately due to the mental juncture of a client and a designer. The better one communicates and accepts the one with a better knowledge of the field the better would be the results. The Key is, trust your designer!