Commercial Corporate Project | Fizzio Gym Interior (Area: 5445 Sqft) in Islamabad Designed by AenZay

AenZay Interiors and Architects has designed this beautiful gym in Islamabad. Space planning of area 5445 Sqft has done by our exceptional space planning team and architects in Islamabad. In general, to boost the productivity of the people working out in gym we kept the space more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, to inspire and encourage the visitors with placed customized wall art and motivational quotes. In fact, our brilliant designers believe that enhancing the ambiance of gym simultaneously effect on the mood of visitors. Moreover, in breakout space mostly the major requirement of client was the comfort of visitors that’s why we incorporate pleasing elements and colors. When there is a unique and challenging task, first we meet and greet with the clients to understand their requirements and needs. 

Second, we propose designs that are innovative and as per client’s requirements that we discuss while initiating a project. Third is the outcome as you can see in this project. Our interior designers in Islamabad enhance this space for fitness freaks so that they can spend their time to fresh their minds. These activity areas are designs are creative, functional and inspiring for people to be motivated while working out. Unlike boring workout spaces  Fizzio Gym is attractive, moreover motivational quotes are embedded on walls to inspire the individuals.


interior design project-2021

Reception Area Interior Design

Breakout Space Interior Design | Innovative & Inspirational

We designed this innovative gym space beyond the expectations of our client. Notably, Aenzay has been considered to be having one of the top interior designers & architects in Islamabad. While scrolling down you can visualize that our expert interior designers know the art and science of giving a space a marvelous look. Our architects played a very important role while creating layouts for this space and our interior designers in Islamabad did a marvelous job in enhancing its ambiance. Moreover, the interior of gym should be calm and soothing because it helps to achieve a healthier environment, which is goal of every individual. While significantly here, main hall contains a lot of fresh colors like orange & green, also pleasing tones and textures. Unlike boring workout spaces, this uniquely designed with distinction space is have some Nordic green elements to keep the freshness and liveliness in the space.

Manager Room | Interior Designers | Architects in Islamabad

In general, on can say that our designers are implacable on the quality of work and because of that we are considered as one of the top architects in Islamabad. Significantly with modern and elegant interiors elements we spruced this space. Similar we have experts that can energize your workplace and transform it into an exciting one. As the role of manager is very important in any workplace, so according to the requirements executive office interior is designed. Corporate Furniture and office accessories are placed to modernize the space. Moreover, ceiling and hanging lights are giving this space a marvelous look.

Locker Room Design | Interior designers in Islamabad

Additionally, there is an exciting space which is locker room designed while keeping the privacy of every individual in mind. Above all our professional designers kept it interesting and luxurious as compared to ordinary lock rooms. Our architects in Islamabad did an exceptional job while creating the layout of this lock room. As well as our interior designers added stylish decorative interior elements to keep a balance. Moreover, motivational and inspirational quotes are placed on the walls that goes perfectly with the theme of the room are chosen.

In fact, our experts work closely with our clients to understand their requirements. While our interior designer work dedicatedly, our architects and engineers also step in whenever there is a requirement. Because of our coworking environment concept, we make office interior projects an exceptional experience for clients. 

About Aenzay Interiors & Architects

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