AenZay Interior designers have designed commercial project Formulatrix (10,000 sqft Lahore)

AenZay interior designers has completed another interior design project called Formulatrix situated in main Gulberg Lahore. The interior design services in Lahore are provided by AenZay interiors on an area of 10,000 square feet (sqft). The overall office is designed as per guidelines of the USA office to keep the same brand essence in this regional office. 

Interior design services in Executive Room

Firstly, look at its interior of executive room. Our interior designers in Lahore have use Grey colored flooring. Similarly, Grey polished flooring is used which is for maintenance. So that it would be friendly and easy to clean in office environment. In contrast, grey flooring is with wooden texture on corner space also looks so amazing so that it would also differentiate the working space. Finally, look its ceiling with lights have also theme colors. Office Furniture of this executive space is also with the color combination of gray, and black with logo.

Interior design of Meeting Area

Specifically, the interior design of meeting area is also designed with combination of gray, black, yellow and side platers. There is some stylish sofas are placed along with the center tables and chairs. There is a door of conference room too which is also looking pleasant. Beautiful planters are placed in corners for freshness and liveliness of space. 

Waiting Area interior

Interior designers in Lahore have designed waiting area in such a elegant style. There are two black bean bags are placed with center table. The wood flooring is also looking gorgeous. Interior of walls also give a decent look with 70% of white color and black frames. There is also side corner beautiful coffee tables are placed with sofas which give lively look. the ceiling of this space is also beautifully designed with white hanging lights.  

Silent Room design

In fact, the interior of silent room is also very decent and charm. You can also look opacity of wall design and doors which looks so beautiful. The silent room is basically designed for single person working. Check the color scheme of this room with white and wood colors. 

Staff Area on 4th Floor

On the 4th floor there is a staff space on area of 3600 sqft. Industrial ceiling with open ducting is suggested in passage areas. However, gypsum channel ceiling is suggested above workstations giving clean and well lit ambiance look. Overall walls are kept in ash white tones as per suggestion , however to keep the brand essence alive and work productive environment , few design elements are  suggested in two walls . That’s break the monotype of blank look. 

Staff Area on 5th Floor

Specifically, there is also another staff space on 5th floor. Briefly, it has industrial ceiling with open ducting is suggested in passage areas , However gypsum channel ceiling is suggested above workstations giving clean and well lit ambiance.

Staff Area on 6th Floor

There is another staff space on 6th floor with area of 3600 sqft. Check its hexagon pattern on ceiling with hanging lights look amazing. Stylish workstations are placed with side platers. Wall interior is also very lavish. Interior designers in Lahore have design such space in such a way that it should also looks deluxe. 

Interior Design Of Lab

Hence, the interior of the Laboratory is also very decent and charming. Check the color scheme of this room with white, gray, and yellow combinations of colors. Captions on walls and black-colored furniture are also looking fresh. Basically, this space is only designed for scientists and researchers to test. Formulatrix is all about biomedical laboratories. It is for developers, scientists, designers, and researchers to make medicines.