Shahzad Textile Mills-Post Interior Design in Sheikhpura

Company Name: Aenzay interiors & Architects

Area: 4275 sq. ft

Location: Sheikhupura Industrial Area

Design In Charge: Nayab Khan Durrani

Design Team: Hajra Naeem, Iqra Mustafa, Sehar, Umair Imtiaz, Faisal Chisti, Abu Bakar Siddique

Shehzad Textile Architect by Aenzay Interiors & Architects

Check out this affluent and modest Aenzay Interiors & architects- designed reception and entrance. Homologous modern architecture is creating a soothing look and sleek ambiance with versatile branding and flooring techniques. Aenzay Interiors & Architects provides you maneuver to make your business ravishing. The plain office becomes tedious for clients.

Aenzay designed Shahzad textile mill (A sock’s company) designed a captivating place for consumers and an alluring spot for office personnel.