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The exterior of a structure is often used in interior Designing Company, but the term architecture or interior design is more commonly used to refer to it. Interior decoration or interior designing is something you have done before, for example designing your home or office. Lots of people are gifted with such an aesthetic sense: home decor ideas come naturally to them. Lots of people like it, and you don’t need a formal title to be proud of your home or office decor.

While many companies like Aenzay have trained and skilled designers to do what is required. When it comes to interior design, you will find numerous theories and definitions. But we can conclude one fact: interior design is both an art and a science. In order to emphasize this theory, we need to discuss some terms.

interior designing company
interior designing company

How is interior designing science?

If you look up the literal meaning of science in a dictionary, it means the intellectual and practical activity that involves the systematic study, through observation and experiment, of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world. So that should be enough for us. I understand that interior design is a feature that requires a lot of intelligence. And of course, an interior designer has a remarkable power of observation and just loves to implement new ideas in our homes or to experiment with new things and aspects in his projects.

We will not explain here. What are an interior designer and an interior designing? We need to focus on what is interior design and interior decoration. Although they work together and do the same job, their skills are different. An interior designer must have a professional degree in this field. While interior designers do not require an advanced degree or any training. Their innate skills and interests can make them interior designers. They have a natural inclination towards the aesthetics of a place and want to improve it. But interior designers turn to a professional for changes to structural elements. They wouldn’t do it themselves, they focus on the aesthetics of the structure. Many famous interior designing company in Lahore believe in both interior designers and decorators.

How is interior design art?

Interior design, when done right, is an art in itself. A work of art touches people’s hearts, and interior design in any form that gives amazing expression is nothing short of art. A combination of the right colors mixed with other pieces in the room, textures, and patterns, all of which require perfect placement in the space a designer is working on. They say a painting says a lot about an artist, it even tells stories. Likewise, a great interior tells the story of an individual family, business, organization etc. The list is endless as interior design is considered an art form as its effect is very similar to any other art form. Just like Creative Shelf’s aesthetically designed furniture, they tell you many stories about the person who will be using that particular piece of furniture.

Combination of art and science — interior designing

This is an amazing phenomenon of how creatively we work to evoke a specific concept or emotion when designing a space. This is the process that a painter practices. You have an idea or inspiration that you want to share. He lays out all his ideas in a complete concept and then plays with colors to bring them to life and then you see this beautiful piece hanging in someone’s living room or a hotel lobby. Since interior design follows the rules that art follows, there is nothing good or bad about it.

The space you work in needs to be functional and serve the purpose. Have you noticed that your favorite restaurant has a typical color theme, maybe red? This is because the vibrant and fiery color stimulates the brain and increases hunger. Subdued shades of blue and gray in the workplace do something similar: the sober hue creates calm and maintains a serene mood, resulting in better productivity and concentration. This is an example of science in interior design. Science can help designers understand customers; needs and how they would react to the designer’s work, so the chances of success increase. The imaginative designers at Creative Shelf show that interior design is both an art and a science. That is why they stand out from many interior designing company in Pakistan.


Whenever we build or remodel our premises, planning is key. Planning the layout of the room, making sure that it is comfortable for everyone, that it looks good, and is also spacious is quite a difficult task. This is where perfectionists let professionals in. If you want your space to look perfect and be useful in the most convenient way, you should consult an interior designer. The creative shelf is the best interior designing company in Pakistan that offers an all-in-one service.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you why Aenzay is the best interior design consulting company. Interior design consultancy is something that, like any other field, requires experience and professionalism. Interior design requires an understanding of color palettes, architectural design’s and models. Sometimes interior designers have to do internships before they can get certified. There is a lot of art and teamwork in this area.

About Aenzay:

Aenzay is an interior design company based in Pakistan. They have certified professionals working at their company to help design spaces. They offer interior design and decoration services for all types of spaces. They understand the value of the uniqueness of spaces and therefore work to bring people’s ideas to life. These are the reasons that make Aenzay the best interior designer in Pakistan:

interior designing company
interior designing company

Their team:

Aenzay has a team of professional interior designers who will make sure your space looks great and you get the result you want. They understand how things like color, texture, and furniture can enhance any space. Creativity is required to make a simple space stand out and you can get that creativity by using the creative minds of interior designers.

Their services:

Aenzay can decorate any space, be it a hotel, house, office, or shopping mall. They offer their services with a very good budget. Your team has the coordination between workers and they also save you more headaches like future remodeling, expansion, etc. Once they understand your ideas, they get creative and design a 3D model of what their final rooms would look like. That way you can get an idea of ​​what you’re getting and how convenient it is Make changes when something doesn’t look right.