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Transitional Flooring in Pakistan Related to Residential Construction

Consistent and transitional flooring makes space feel larger and more serene. But it’s not always possible to have the same flooring in every room, and there’s something to be said for variety too by Transitional Flooring. It’s the area rug effect or the herringbone pattern along with granite tile, the floor should look visually connected.
There isn’t always a logical or obvious place to change from one flooring material to the next. It’s how far the imagination works. A combination of two varying shades of hardwood or veneer could go together with the darker indicating the walkway.
Transitional Flooring
Transitional Flooring
Too many materials, on the other hand, can make the floor look chopped up. And space looks smaller and congested. Two levels closer in color but a varying pattern looks soothing to the eyes by Transitional Flooring.
We can have the option of dividing space in different areas according to their functionality. We can switch material in cased opening because of fewer space limitations. It’s best not to transition if you can help it at all.
 A combo of Spanish pebble around the island of the kitchen along with porcelain tile could end creating a monotonous yet Transitional Flooring effect. A common trend these days is separating the stair treads with a darker marble.
Not accommodating the same flooring all over the house is a choice but the floor can transit gracefully from space to space if it’s chosen in coordination with each other. Stone can be added at the entrance of the main door as it would clean up and absorb the dust from the shoes.