Yadgar e Shuhada

On 17th February 2018, Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) conducted a design competition under the name Yadgar e Shuhada. In the memory of great martyrs of the Pakistan military. The event was held at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul and Abbottabad. Aenzay Architects & Interiors had the honor of becoming proud participants of the event.

Design Competition

The main concept of the design competition was to create an iconic structure. That would be standing at the monument to all the unmatched sacrifices . The firm commitment made by brave cadets of this prestigious institution serves as the mother institute to the military of Pakistan. Another important aspect attached to the concept of the design was its affiliation with Baba e Qaum. Since the Pakistan Military Academy has the honor to be owned by the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. So the projection of this connection was expected to be a vital part of the design.

Aenzay Participation in Yadgar e Shuhada

The dedicated team of architects at AenZay Interiors and Architects participated in the competition with full zeal and zest. They did an exceptional job to come up with an exquisite design. That would not only be appealing in terms of aesthetics but also fulfilling all the design criteria and demands required by the Yadgar e Shuhada Committee.

Design Proposal By AenZay

The design proposed by AenZay architects was a visually heavy and symmetrical design. It derived from a cube showcasing four identical sides representing four provinces of Pakistan. Each side of the axial design of the structure, complemented with pathways rendering a beautiful landscape in the company of water bodies.It was culminating into a well-thought-out focal point. The key factor leading the design proposal of the focal point was the symbol of the Pak Army. Hilal and a star are placed on top of three pillars. Each pillar was donating three main types of corps in the Pakistan Army: Strike, Holding and Mixed. The symbol (hillal and star) which was placed on four erected columns was further guarded with four slanted pillars drawing a shield for it. Those columns are again portraying the significance of figure four for Pakistan.

Work on Site

To add to the aesthetic value of the structure and murals. it relief work was done on the walls of the inner ground area. These paintings, like the rest of the monument, illustrated important figures and entities representing the Pakistan military. Since the whole design strategy of the proposal focuses deeply on symbolic architecture. Thus the stairs denote the way leading to the remarkable legacy attached to the name of Pakistan Military Academy and unparalleled services on its credit. Yadgar e Shuhada

Aenzay Team Contribution in Yadgar e Shuhada

The competent team of AenZay contributed wholeheartedly to this whole design practice dedicated to the soldiers trained through Pakistan Military Academy. And stood among the most proficient of competitors from the field of architecture and design. The work done by our designers and architects was commended greatly by the committee of Yadgar e Shuhada. And awarded an esteemed souvenir and certificate of participation by Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul.