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Architects in DHA Lahore | Life of an Architect

Architects in DHA Lahore:

What is the typical day of the architects in DHA Lahore look like? It depends on how you define the word “typical”. Well, the market sector in which the architect practices, his experience in the trade, and a particular day of the week. Honestly, there isn’t a typical answer to this question, so in an attempt to paint a picture of what you might expect imagining your life like me (admit … who didn’t?).

Life of an Architects in DHA Lahore:

I go to work early because I try not to work late exactly at 10:00 am. As I have to reach at right time so I took my makeup and jewelry with me. I just dress up and get the final look in my office. As I was in a hurry so I missed my favorite lipstick at home. So I have to compromise on having colors. Anyway, me and my team leave the office exactly at 11:00 am.I had to sketch out a quick graphic image for my final “Life of an architect” post. Somehow I had forgotten to do this when I was putting everything else together and every single one of my posts has to have a thumbnail graphic identified.

Architects in DHA Lahore

How I handle my tough schedule of meetings:

Well, on the same day we had another meeting. But I told one of my team members to go to the construction site instead of me because I had a scheduling conflict. These architects and construction projects are moving fast and you can lose a lot if you stay away from the site for more than a week. Weekly site meetings are very important to the progress of a successfully managed project. Rarely does our office undertake a project where clients wish to eliminate the administrative part of construction from our work?

About Construction Projects:

This is the time when customers can see the home evolve and come to life – sometimes it becomes obvious that they maybe didn’t get the designs as well as they thought they did. It’s not too often that these projects stop evolving at the end of the construction document stage. Firstly, being there to make sure the contractor has the answers they need. Secondly, when they need them. We can make sure the vision from the design can be achieved for the finished project.

AenZay DHA Lahore Office:

The interior of AenZay DHA Lahore’s office looked pretty, so I sketched it out, took a photo with my phone, brought it to Photoshop where I added some color, and then Boom. The graphics have been created. Maybe it was a little more fanfare than it deserved. I didn’t have a lot of time for this exercise so it only took me 10 minutes from start to finish.

I went over to the AenZay DHA Lahore Office to meet with Miss Faiza who is a creative head at DHA Branch and Miss Hajra our senior architects in DHA Lahore Branch. We plan to talk about kitchens … more specifically “A Chef’s Kitchen.” We had an idea for a post to plan on writing on the sorts of things a Chef would want in their own kitchen. I would also update – the sorts of things that are important. It stands to reason that if a chef thinks it’s important, so will you. 

This morning I was talking with Miss Hajra and Faiza about just those sorts of things – not only should it be educational, but it should also make me a better designer. During our meeting! We have shot a rapid-fire session of Miss Amara. As you can see we have asked a few interesting questions which are listed below.

Frequently asked questions of an architects in DHA Lahore:

After shooting, we had a great time watching new designs, and gossips. During that time I have realized that the routine schedule of architects in DHA Lahore is very much tough. As they have to handle and maintain so many queries and their quality of work. Architects in DHA Lahore had to be focused on their designs. Client reviews are also very much important for us. You have to tackle previous projects as well as future projects at the same time.

Architects in DHA Lahore

Finally, Back to the office:

When I came back to the office, I only had a few moments to read a few emails, review websites, and answer a few calls. I  to check everything on my points of review and give that video to my graphic designers to finalize it.


My whole was very much busy but it was also very interesting to know more about architects in the DHA Lahore Branch of AenZay. The life of an architect is not as easy as you have seen from the front. There is a huge level of the team of professional people behind an architect who works in a co-working space to deliver their task efficiently.