architectural design

Architectural Design

Architectural designing

Architectural design is evolving around the globe. The best architects like AenZay always stay informed and up to date. Because with the new trends popping up across a number of fields, it is really easy to get left behind. Basically, architects aim to make architecture more and more connected as well as open-minded by actually bringing together architects and designers around the world to come up with new ideas from all departments.

imran asif architectural designs
imran asif architectural designs architectural design

Architectural Design

The concept that focuses on components or elements of a structure is an architectural design. The one in charge of the architectural designs is an architect. They work with space and elements to create a coherent and functional structure.

Visualizing Architectural Design

Basically, architecture is a visual medium, visualizing architecture, and architectural designs truly run with the concept. Concepts of rendering sketches and 3D illustration etc are basically the processes and the creativity behind architectural projects, big or small.

Concepts of the Integration

Initially, the concept of integration was actually evolved from a really small demonstration project in Canada. Architects from different professional backgrounds  involved in the design of the project. Where they basically use building technologies and take all aspects of the technical requirements and the concept of integrated architecture design into account.  The concept of integrated construction is widely used. It is continuously improved and perfected in practice.


Under the Concept of sustainable development integration of architectural design  discussed now. People are more demanding for architectural designs with the continuous development of the social economy. So many incredible and advanced design concepts are gradually applied to the design of buildings. Sustainable development and integrated design concepts play an important role to meet people’s requirements. As mentioned above that under the concept of sustainable development, building, and integration need to be widely used to promote development.