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Building Construction:

To develop a new project it is really important to have an idea about the start and end of the building construction. As every project is unique and follows different construction processes and designs, there may be some variations in each project.

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Basic Steps of Building Construction

There are a few basic steps involved in building construction, it starts with planning, and then it comes to permits and insurance. After that, it comes to site preparation, from here the actual construction process starts. When we are done with site preparation, we look for foundation and substructure construction. The superstructure will be constructed once the substructure is complete. In the end, the contractor makes a punch list by inspecting the whole work one by one.

Planning, permits, and insurance

If we cut it into 3 sections, in the first section we have to deal with three major steps of planning. These are developing plans, selecting the team, and analyzing the finance. At this time we derive project cost in which material cost, labor cost, construction cost, and miscellaneous cost are included. After that, it comes to permits and insurance in building construction. Before we start building construction we ask the owner to make sure that one has the necessary permits taken to start the construction.

Site preparation, substructure, and superstructure construction

Site preparation is from where the actual construction process starts. Basically, it is based on on-site and building plan, leveling, necessary excavations, and filling which is the most important thing, it can be undergone to prepare the site. Building structures are actually constructed on concrete foundations. Once the substructure is complete, superstructure construction will be started. So generally, a framed structure will be developed. After that other works come under another section in which:

  • Construction of sliding or roofs.
  • Installation of air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Adequate water lines.
  • Adequate electric connection lines.
  • To protect from lighting, insulation works.
  • Waterproof walls, as well as plastering and finishing of surfaces and walls.
  • Exterior and interior painting
Punch List

Once a project of building construction is complete, the contractor makes a punch list by inspecting the whole work one by one.