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Building Construction Services

Construction Services:

In construction, there are multiple sectors like buildings, infrastructure, and industrial. If you are looking for Construction Services in your town you need to know that building construction is actually further divided into residential and non-residential.

Building Construction Services

The process of adding structures to the areas of land is actually building construction. AenZay is providing top-notch building construction services, so do research before you commit to a construction company. You need to be well aware of their construction. AenZay is having an entire team for you. Our specialist’s construction knowledge as well as high-level drawing skills to design a building that safe, sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Residential services

Residential services can be undertaken by specialist house builders. General contractors, property developers, or by public or social housing.  Basically residential construction services come with technologies and resources that must conform to a local building authority regulations and codes of practice. Construction materials are readily available in the areas e.g. brick versus stone versus timber. So the cost per square foot or per square meter can dramatically be based on the site-local regulations, its conditions, and access routes, etc. It is also based on the availability of skilled tradespeople. Moreover the economies of scale basically custom-designed homes are usually expensive to build.

Non-residential services

Non- residential construction services depend on the type of building. It can be obtained by a wide range of public and private organizations which includes local authorities, educational and religious bodies, etc. Mostly construction in these sectors is usually undertaken by general contractors. But AenZay is providing all types of top-notch construction services under one roof whether it is residential or non-residential.

Construction processes

Some construction projects are small renovations or repair jobs whereas more complex or ambitious projects usually require additional manpower and multidisciplinary expertise. So for that, we need detailed planning, construction details, designs, prototypes, and handover of the work. Moreover, a designer, a contractor, a construction manager, or another advisor will be appointed to oversee the project. These specialists are basically appointed for their expert advice in project delivery and will help the owner to define the project brief, its schedule, and budget agreement.