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Start bringing your plan to life with Aenzay interior & architects Home Styling Experts today.


Do you dream of a home fully furnished to your wishes with Aenzay interiors? All designed with quality and luxury in mind and complementing home décor accessories that will complete your personal tailored look, style, and vibe? With the assistance of our experienced Home Stylists, you can!

By choosing new furniture to complete your room or apartment with surprising colors or materials: your home stylist will fulfill and map out your personal living space wishes. they would support floorplans, photos, and mood boards, they will present you with a piece of tailor-made furniture and accessory plans and personally allow you to feel and knowledge the limitless possibilities and endless styling opportunities which Aenzay has got to offer you. 

What is included? 

Your Home Styling package includes:

  1. Initial meet and greet in- DHA office, online, or by phone together with your designated Aenzay Home Stylist expert
  2. At-home consultation together with your Home Stylist to urge a way of your space and hear your wishes
  3. A personalized design proposal, including floorplans, mood boards, product photos, and itemized sales quotation
  4. Let’s start bringing your home dreams, home.

To book your consultation, please contact us or just leave a message. You would love our services. 

Aenzay interiors services related to home styling in DHA Lahore are also online for you to place an order.

Our online home styling services are now available for you. From the comfort of your home! You do not have to leave your home and, we do not have to visit your home, we will provide this service to you entirely online!

Check out our previous projects and you can also consider or suppose that design according to your own home styling space. 

Living & Dining room styles

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Bedroom styles


What’s more, all you would like to try to do is to leave a message and buy the specified styling services. you’ll chat online together with your designated Styling Service expert, allow them to get to understand you and listen to your requirement. After you provide us your accurate dimensions/floor plans, we’ll work on styling for you. You give us your feedback, you get your final design and you furthermore may get to use your home styling service charge towards your final styling payment! Once your service is complete our After Sales Service Team is prepared to deliver your purchase. So you’ll sit back and luxuriate in your new home.

It’s quite simple and easy to follow these steps:

  1. Register your details (fill the form below)
  2. Aenzay home styling experts in DHA Lahore will contact you to have a chat and get to know you and your requirements. 
  3. after gathering your requirements. we would finalize the order.
  4. You can pay online or directly through a bank deposit. 
  5.  Our team would come and finalize it. 
  6. After finalizing the work you can give us a review.

No matter how many ideas you have, making choices, and creating a lovely home can sometimes be difficult. That’s why our Home Stylists are available for you 7 days every week to offer you personal interior advice for each space and budget. 

From a replacement piece of furniture to an entire room with surprising colors and material combinations: your Home Stylist can map your personal living wishes and designssupported floorplans, photos, and mood boards, we will present you with tailor-made furniture and accessory plan and personally allow you to feel and knowledge the endless possibilities in-store to start out bringing your decision to life!