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Design Outdoor kitchen

Interior Design in DHA Lahore outdoor spaces is becoming a new trend. These additional spaces add value to your home. The outdoor kitchen gives a different experience to cooking and it is a good idea to spend quality time with friends and family.

It’s the reason the outdoor kitchen is popular. It adds a new space to entertain guests. In monsoon weather cooking in the outdoor kitchen add magical moments. Thus cooking becomes more fun with drops of rainfall.

Outdoor Kitchen Interior design in dha lahore

How you can design an outdoor kitchen:

Designing outdoor Space:

If you’re planning to design and build an outdoor kitchen, then you have to analyze what tools are required. Once you have completed the amount required to build space. On another hand, a sufficient amount of lighting is required to cook at night. It is important to take consideration of the expert contractor or an Architect to start the process smoothly.

Area Planning:

In so many ways, an outdoor kitchen is no different than the indoor kitchen. It’s just a matter of mind, how you wanted to plan. If you try to divide the kitchen into more zones it will add more space. A well- crafted kitchen will make cooking more enjoyable.

Here are a few spaces you must consider

Cooking space:

This is where the magic takes place. Here you’ll find the grill, burners and other outdoor cooking appliances.

Interior Design in DHA Lahore

Dish space:

Serving space should be made between the cooking area and where guests are seated.

Dish Space Kitchen

Entertainment space:

Homeowners should give special importance to this place. This is a social zone of the outdoor area. It’s a nice place for home appliances such as TV, refrigerator, and glass. AenZay providing Interior Design in DHA Lahore.

Interior Design in DHA Lahore

Picking appliances:

The type of appliance will be a major difference used in outdoor and indoor kitchen. Homeowners will try to use those appliances which are eco-friendly. Appliances such as open-fire-grills, wood oven, and mini-fridge can be a good match.

Interior Design in DHA Lahore

Furnishing an outdoor kitchen:

Your outdoor kitchen will have a huge impact on guests. So, in short, the outdoor kitchen needs to be an all-in-one entertainment area. So if there is enough space, consider adding benches, chairs and dining tables.

Interior Design in DHA Lahore