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Follow These 6 Steps To Provide Interior Design Services

AenZay is providing the best interior design services and also has the most amazing and experienced interior designers and architects in Pakistan. Planning and organization is the key to success. Take a holistic approach to create everlasting & sustainable designs. Why they are the best in the market? Here you go, every single project they start, they begin the project with fresh thinking.

Similarly, the most important thing here is project management for the interior designers to provide quality interior design services. Likewise, to fully integrate unique and tailor-made solutions for you. Hence, their design team also works alongside architects.

Experienced Interior Designers

AenZay is providing a co-working environment for their employees to work together. We also come up with some out-of-the-box designs. AenZay has been providing interior design services all over Pakistan since 2010. That’s why with the experience of a decade strong, their interior designers can take up small to large scale projects very efficiently.

Take a holistic approach while providing interior design services

Aenzay’s professional interior designers and architects work together to balance a distinctive combination of creativity with technical experience. While providing interior design services you need to take a holistic approach. This way your team’s productivity and talent can be utilized very nicely in order to complete a project on time.

Taking a holistic approach and utilizing your project management skills will give you your desired outcome. Check the step-by-step procedure to deliver an interior project on time and on budget.

Keynotes to become one of the best interior designers in Pakistan

  • Be organized
  • Action-oriented (willing to take practical actions)
  • Diligent (show care in duties)
  • Strategic

To provide the best interior design services you need to follow the procedure to meet the project requirements and also to achieve the desired outcome.

  1. Meet & understand the requirements of the client
  2. Financials & budgeting
  3. Architecture Planning
  4. 3D Designing | Mood Boards
  5. Layouts & Drawings
  6. Construction
Meet & Understand

Providing interior design services is not an easy task, you need to be connected with the client. Firstly, the interior designers need to arrange a couple of meetings with the clients, to understand the requirements. The job of interior designers is to make things clear to the client. So that they can deliver the project on time and on budget. The purpose of meetings that interior designers organize with clients is to discuss the requirements, budgets, and other details of the project.

Financials & Budgeting

The second step is financials & budgeting of providing interior design services to the client on the basis of their requirements and budget. Based on the client’s budget interior designers have to suggest them affordable options in choosing materials, furniture, titles, and all the other décor elements. To manage the budget of the project interior designers coordinate with the Project manager & finance manager of the company. They work together on the cost of the project, in which they work on BOQs, and also the deadlines of the project. Planning and organization help you in executing a project efficiently. And if you have diligent resources for the job then it is a plus point.

Architectural planning

If you are providing interior design services to the client, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the interior part. You have to work with the architects and also go for their architectural planning details so that you can create an aesthetically pleasing space. These days you will be listening to the term “interior architecture”. This term basically defines how interior designers and architects are associated with each other.

3D Designing | Mood Boards

The best thing the interior designers can do is to increase the visual interest of the client by designing a 3D. In interior design services, 3D designing is quite expensive, so based on the client’s budget we suggest, mood boards. So the client can still visualize the space planning and designing.

Layouts & Drawings

Interior designers coordinate with the architects to create layouts and make drawings. If you are here to avail of interior design services, also be clear about your requirements. The job of interior designers is to utilize a space in the best possible way. And if you will be clear about your requirements like you want a basement or you like wood. So they will plan, design, and execute things accordingly. For better execution, we design, create layouts and make drawings.


Interior designers follow the step-by-step procedure as shown above in coordination with architects to reach the level of executing a project. To executives, project interior designers associate themselves with building contractors and engineers. At this point now you are understanding why you need to know all the things about architects as well as building construction.

Before that, you knew that you are here to avail of interior design services and you need to associate yourself with interior designers only. But that is not the case you need to know about everything related to the project from start to end. Additionally, you should have knowledge of interior designing, architectural designing, construction & fit-outs. AenZay Interiors & Architects is one of the top companies in Pakistan that is providing integrated services in Interior, Architecture, and construction. So contact Aenzay and build your dream home today.

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