architect in Pakistan

Looking for an Architect in Pakistan?

If you are looking for a commercial or residential architect in Pakistan then AenZay interior & Architects may be the right company for you.

Are you looking for an architect in Pakistan?

Working with a local architect can add a host of benefits. So if you live in Pakistan you might want to consider a company. That is not too far away. Part of the reason for working with an AenZay’s Architects is simply that there is no substitute for this local knowledge. Hence, both in terms of building permits, local businesses and construction companies. As well than building registries and jump rental companies.

Having existing relationships with the relevant authorities. Which can avoid wasting time on projects that simply won’t make it through planning. It also gives people a very good idea of what can and cannot be done before the architect starts working on a design.

A local Pakistan Architect will also have a good idea of the design and style of existing buildings in the areas. You can ensure that the works are compatible with the surrounding area. He will also likely have relationships with local construction companies, tradesmen, material suppliers, cooking companies, etc. This can help their customers choose the best value for multiple material options as well as reliable and quality builders and craftsmen.

architect in Pakistan | Architectural design services
architect in Pakistan | Architectural design services

AenZay Interior & Architects is a multidisciplinary practice that focuses on creating spaces and homes. That are both functional and beautiful. Offering a proactive approach to all architectural projects, including residential and commercial. They are able to offer their services right from the start. Execution of the project as needed. This allows for strong relationships between architect, client and also developer.

Based in Lahore, Islamabad or all over Pakistan AenZay has served clients across the capital since its inception in 2007. Previously, its founder Ali Malik worked on many high-profile architectural projects before setting up his own company.

Seamless integration of interior design, architectural design and a good understanding of building skills. It allows AenZay’s to enable creativity in all aspects without unnecessarily costly or time-consuming work.

AenZay Interior & Architects is led by Ali Malik who has extensive experience having previously worked in a number of different studios. It undertaking a range of projects including residential, and commercial accommodation. Similarly, student accommodation, public sector jobs for schools and sports centers, as well as private health care. He has also been involved in some well-known architectural developments. Such as a property featured on the TV show Grand Designs and a roof garden in Waterloo.

Ali Malik ensures that the whole team can express their creativity while using his vast experience and knowledge to work on a whole range of different architectural projects.

architect in Pakistan | Architectural design services

About AenZay’s Architect in Pakistan

Aenzay has the best architects in Pakistan. 11 years of excellence, Aenzay interior & architect is providing the services of Architectural Design, Interior Designing, Construction fit-outs, and 3D modeling. We provide the best architectural design services to clients ranging from corporate and commercial to residential projects. Similarly, We are also committed to creating innovative and evolutionary architectural & Interior designs that help to shape the living environment and foster creativity in our community. That’s why we are the best architects in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi as well as the best designing and construction firms in Pakistan. Hence, Aenzay have a team of professional architects & interior designers who makes these processes smooth and easy.

Excellence built with the least cost and most desirable duration has been our identity around the clients. Our Team specialized in interior Designing, Building Homes, Offices, and retail. Moreover, AenZay is the best Architect in Lahore and Islamabad with certification ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 in quality, safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our central location is in garden town Lahore, carrying projects in all major cities of Pakistan. Other offices are in the PWD and the Blue area of Islamabad.