Calrom Cafe Interior Designed & Executed by Aenzay at Tricon Tower Lahore (Area: 800 Sqft)

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Another Commercial project with trendy designs of best office interior done by Aenzay Interior and Architects. Calrom cafe interior design is based on some tropical theme with fusion of art décor., We created a luxurious, modern café space with an inviting color palette. Moreover, the idea was to create an atmosphere, where you would find yourself surrounded by greenery, wooden texture, food spots, and good conversations. Similarly, we sought to engage in a design that would provide an exceptional hospitality experience. Significantly appealing to the social media savvy clientele that enjoys cafe culture.

We began by understanding the functional demands of client. Obviously coupled with modern and refreshing cafe interior design. Secondly when we understand the requirements of the client, we start executing the project. The major requirement of Calrom was ergonomic furniture. Moreover, they wanted this café to be colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike random and boring cafés, employees are invited to engage with the play of materials and the spaces our interior designers form in this cafe. Another area forms the cafe area which has more of a day dining aesthetic.

Cafe Interior Design | Best Office Interior Design

Eternally we design cafeterias and spruce them with customized furniture, textures, interior elements and features for functionality. Unquestionably we keep the quality of material very high so that the space can last for years. A small entrance leads to the Cafe with integrated into bar counters and bar stools. Moving forward towards the main area we see mid-back sofa chairs with yellow accent along with wooden round center tables. When it comes to best office interior design, we amidst the cafe interior design of that office with touch of bar. We decided to provide from two large wooden tables in the center along with cafe chairs in black. Lastly, we designed a beautiful corner with perfect interior elements, a large blue L-shape sofa and emerald mid back sofa chairs

Designed Aesthetically | by Interior Designers

Approaching the cafe interior design through imported sourced materials and to illustrate the space we choose perfect handing lights. The ceiling forms the entire look of the café with greenie elements giving a tropical.

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