Corporate Interior Design Project Designed by AenZay

One of the most luxurious and elegant commercial and corporate interior design project by AenZay interiors and architects with different schemes of colors and design is Cibak Jovi, every room of this office has its different scheme according to its functionality. Considering how space used and how people  move through spaces are the qualities of our professional interior designers.

Interior Design of Staff Area

AenZay’s designers have used multicolor schemes in Staff area to look beautiful and pleasant. This is the place where staff works, The area should be designed in such a way that it would be comfortable and looks amazing. The combination of colors in the wall and the furniture matches well with the company theme. 

Meeting Room Interior Design

Soundproofed, work-friendly and a motivated pleasant touch to the meeting room with planters in their obstacles  are used to make it look fresh for every eye.

Training Area Design

AenZay’s designers have designed this area in such a unique way to make it comfortable for everyone and have fresh color combination with combinations of yellow, green, brown and orange. Basically its a training area for new comers to come and teach them how to perform their duties.  Our designers also design their ceiling with hanging lights and frames. The best part is that used wood work sofas are placed with their seats. 

Manager Room Interiors

We have designed this manager room with graceful color combinations. Our interior designers have used their Interior skills to design feature walls, ceiling and floor. With such a good management and decoration of manager room everyone should work actively.

Kitchen And Cafeteria

The most beautiful area of this commercial and corporate interior design project is the Kitchen and cafeteria. The light color combination of chairs with tables and hanging lights in ceiling gives this area the beautiful and luxurious look to feel comfort. Feature wall is also decorate with black and white color combinations. Hanging planters also looks beautiful with wall. 

Activity Area

The most relaxing and refreshing area is the activity area. Our designers have designed this area accordingly to the refreshing green color combination with hanging planters and lights in ceiling.