nterior design project of aenzay in Lahore

Interior Design Project of AenZay

Aenzay interiors & architects recently completed the interior design project named Eiffel Estate and our Partner Workspace Office Furniture is designed its office furniture according to the theme in Lahore. Our designs concentrate on their looks and space. 

Reception Area

The reception Area is designed such that it is welcoming for visitors and comfortable for receptionists. The comfortable executive office chair is used with designing reception desk with the logo of Eiffel Group of Companies as per client’s requirements because client’s satisfaction is our top priority.

Interior design of Staff Area

Staff Area is designed so elegantly and beautifully that your staff can feel comfortable while working. There are some modern and stylish office chairs in this area that matched the entire theme so perfectly. Along with perfectly space planning the wall designing looks elegant and gives entire room the corporate look.

Waiting Area design

Waiting Area is designed so perfectly, the partition with planters look so unique and creative that it completes the look of the entire room. Comfortable sofas with glossy top center tables makes the whole ambiance.

Meeting Room Interior design

Enhance your productivity by making the interior design of meeting table of your office comfortable and creative. Creating a work environment that motivates employees to come to work every single day is the moto of our designers in designing office spaces.

Manager Room interior

Manager Room’s interior is also designed simple yet functional and modern. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. A sofa in the manager room is also important as the guests of the manager can be comfortable on the sofa.

Corridoor design

Corridor Area also looks stylist with the partition part and use of green color that is planters really give an office a fresh and lively look.