Blazon (2,400 sqft Lahore)Interior Design Project By AenZay 

Blazor is a salon interior design project of AenZay architects situated in Lahore and has an area of 2400 sqft. A commercial project is designed by AenZay in a new and different style. BLAZON salon is designed on a modern theme. It is based on black, grey, and white contrast with the use of versatile materials. The modern concept is implemented in the Salon from reception to the end wall of the area.

Different flooring patterns are introduced in the Salon in order to differentiate the space area. The waiting area and central cutting unit have a different and geometrical pattern. the pedicure area is designed with a laminated wooden surface, while all other space is beautified by white porcelain tile.
Ceiling concept is very unique in this salon. use of MDF sheets, brass strips, metal, track lights and LED strips lights giving an aesthetic look to the space. Cutting areas, reception areas are fully designed with MDF sheets, acrylic sheets, create stones, and onyx to give it another look and soothing environment for the customers.

Executed Images

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The interior design of the Blazon

In renovating or starting a new salon, you need to put a lot of thought into its interior. One of our beautiful salons includes this “Blazon Salon”. Our interior designers have used the perfect and everlasting combination of gold and black. In interior design, black is intended to represent and evoke positive thoughts and feelings.

The interior design of this salon is so luxurious. You can feel the warmth and coziness inside it. The spa room is also designed so comfortably.

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