Interior design project designed and executed by Aenzay

Aenzay’s interior design project is Coca Cola. Aenzay interiors & architects design this project according to their own needs and specifications.

Reception Area Interior Design

The reception area makes the first impression when the visitors come to the office for the first time, that’s why the reception area should make a positive impression on the visitors and should send the right message about the company. Keeping in mind the main function of the reception area, our designers have designed this area with beautiful interiors and have used the theme color of coca cola that is red. The unique design of ceiling looks absolutely amazing and unique.

Staff Area Interiors

AenZay is a company known for client satisfaction. As every corner of the office must reflect the company, our designers have given a touch of red in every corner as it represents the coca-cola brand. Our designers have designed this staff area beautifully with modern furniture and ceiling designs.

Meeting Room Design

A meeting room is the room where all the important decisions of the company is made. Our designers have designed this room with completely professional space planning and with comfortable and modern furniture to give this room a professional and elegant look.

Manager Room Interior Design

The manager’s room must be professional and managed. Our professional designers have designed this room in a simple, elegant, and professional way. They have used a nice and comfortable manager chair by Workspace with two visitor chairs for the visitors. Along with that, a sofa is there in the manager’s room to complete the look of the room.

Waiting Area

The waiting area is the area where all the visitors wait for the person they want to visit. Waiting for someone is quite a difficult task, keeping this in mind, our designers have used cozy sofas in the waiting area so that it won’t be difficult for the person who is waiting. The ceiling and interior of this room is remarkable.