Commercial Corporate Project | MG Motors Office Interior (Area: 10,000 Sft) in Lahore Designed by AenZay

MG Motors one of the most well-known company’s offices designed by leading interior designers in Pakistan AenZay. Our expert and visionary interior designers incorporated unique and innovative ideas in this office design. By incorporating different schemes of colors and designs, at last MG Motors office interior outcome is amazing. Hence every single room of this office has its own significance according to its functionality. Similarly, following the theme colors of MG which are grey black and red in interior elements. To illustrate exact logo colors in the design, theme color tones are chosen carefully. In addition to that furniture design and wall elements are also chosen to reflect same colors in the space. In summary the whole design is reflecting brand MG Motors. Our experts believe that an excellent commercial design can go a long way in defining the success of any business.

Executive Office Interior

Our exceptional team of interior designers provides a new office interior concept that has emerged in modern interior design. Uniquely designed office accessories are incorporated with the aim of improving workspaces to meet the requirements of client.

Meeting Room Interior

However, meeting rooms need multiple supporting furniture besides an ergonomic chair and suitable

However, meeting rooms need durable and high-quality office table besides multiple ergonomic chairs. High end interior with sumptuous elements is our specialty and competitor’s edge. Meeting room is where admin and management discuss major needs of business development. So, we along with luxe interior we incorporate comfortability and functionality in the design. In conclusion, the best way to ensure the convertibility in designs of offices is to keep them versatile. For branding purposes, 3D logos are uniquely embedded on walls.

e-desk and portioned workstation provided by workspace Pakistan

Staff Area Design

Aenzay is considered to be having one of the best interior designers in Pakistan. When it comes to interior of spaces like staff areas, we love to add a bit more colors. To illustrate this staff area, decorative wall lights are embedded on walls with interior elements. Similarly decorative interior elements that are chosen here are again reflecting logo colors. Accessories like MG’s car models and wall papers are again used in interior elements for branding purposes.

Cafeteria Design by the best interior designers in Pakistan

Well, the most important part of an office is their cafeteria, where employees visit during recess time. Interior designers in Pakistan usually add extra elements in cafeterias but here we please the feel and vibe should be corporate. To relax and enjoy their meal, employees are mostly fond of comfortability in such spaces. Because of this we realized that as per space’s requirement and functionality designs should be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, high quality furniture is provided and decorative wall elements are placed on walls. Moreover, planters are added to freshen up the environment and make it livelier.

In Conclusion

So, our expert and professional team never fail to bring fame with our name! The clients always leave with satisfied feedbacks and recommendations from our doorstep. We take up interior design projects uniquely and never in our history did we go easy with any responsibility. So many big names in the business industry are associated with us because of our brand loyalty and name in the market