Kuzgun Restaurant Interior Design & Executed by AenZay

AenZay recently completed the interior design project named Kuzgun on M.M Alam Road Lahore with an area of 2200 sqftSimilarly, our furniture designers beautifully enhanced the space according to the client’s requirements and budget. Surprisingly, interior designers concentrate and focus on its looks and space. AenZay interiors & architects have designed this project on the concept of fusion of Art deco with modern curves. Remarkably, our designers have divided its floor into five different sections.

Interior Design Of Bar & Buffet Counter Zone

Its design is also very luxurious, especially its modern curves. You might first consider its color scheme or theme which is based on jet black, mate gold, lively green, and maroon colors. Have a look at its hanging lights and gold chains. The ceiling is also based on our fusion themes of art deco with modern curves in which we use gold chains in a straight line and place them in curvy paths. In another half, we also use smooth merging lights in rings with a planter and mirror for Illusion.

4x4 Person Sitting (General Sitting)

Luxurious Restaurant Interior Design

In renovating or starting a new restaurant, you need to put a lot of thought into its interior. One of our beautiful restaurants includes this “Kuzgun”. Our interior designers have used the perfect and everlasting combination of gold and black. In interior design, black is intended to represent and evoke positive thoughts and feelings. 

S-Shape Sitting & Waiting Area

The interior design of this restaurant is so luxurious. You can feel the warmth and coziness inside it.

Art Deco Theme With Fusion Of Modern Turkish Look

Our interior designers design a Commercial and Hospitality Project with such a cool color combination of gold, and black so that the environment should remain positive that would improve your happiness, increase your productivity and also motivate others.

Design of Luxury lounge 

Aesthetically Pleasing Interior Design

We have designed a New Kuzgun restaurant interior design that gives a fully comfortable environment to their clients. AenZay encourages the creativity, productivity, and aspiration of providing the best level of services. The floor is decorated with wooden tiles which look so amazing. the color combination of this space is jet black, mate golds, lively greens, and a white combination of furniture especially sofas with coffee tables along with the side indoor planters. 

Interior design of balcony area (outdoor)

A balcony area is on the outside of a building. Balconies are generally small and not used as social spaces or for entertainment purposes. Similarly, this space is designed in such a way that a small family can enjoy their food by looking at outside views from its wide mirrored window. There is a planter is placed in the corner. Its flooring also looks so amazing with the looks of chessboard black and white colors of marble tiles.