Leppon Estate and Builders (2200 Sqft) Office Interior Designed & Executed by Aenzay In DHA Raya Lahore

We enhance the ambiance of offices with designer interior elements as well as aesthetically pleasing tones & textures. Aenzay is having of the best and the most talented architects in Lahore who can take up your project efficiently. Our professional architects have done many projects in DHA Raya Lahore. And of them is Leppon Estate and Builders office. Well along with perfect space planning the requirement of the client was high quality and durable furniture. Because their employees have to work for long seating hours. And the specialty of Aenzay is that we always come up with amazing solutions for clients. For the same reason we designed and manufactured ergonomic furniture for our client. Since ergonomically designed furniture increases efficiency and comfort in working environment. Moreover, our professional interior designers in DHA gave this office a functional and fashionable look.

Office Interior Design by Best Architects in Lahore

However we believe that Effective workspaces don’t simply involve knowing the latest design trends these days. And the moto of Aenzay is Progression – the only way to go made our architects in Lahore to take a step further to fully transform the space into a trendy workplace. Therefore, we determined what the employees of Leppon desire and incorporate into their workspace. And by mixing and matching all the details with our expertise we upgrade this office interior as well as exterior to another level. In fact, we believe that everyone should have a pleasant working environment, that’s why our goal is to design comfy offices. Since AenZay Interior and Architects has the best team of Interior Designers in DHA and architects who help you develop an ideal workplace for you. Therefore, we assist you to choose the top-class architects in Lahore when it comes to upgrading your workplace.

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Modern Office Interior Design | CEO Room | Architects in Lahore

Lavish, high-end and modern CEO room that’s been designed & furnished with authority status in mind. Above all, our qualified architects in Lahore perfectly design layouts to make a space more functional. And our interior designers in DHA focus on keeping a balance with modest yet fashionable decorative interior elements. Additionally, office supplies with appealing features and office accessories that precisely match the room’s theme are chosen. Moreover, we paid close attention to the little things to make this office appear fantastic, from the office interior to the furniture design in particular. Additionally, the media wall design and decorative shelf further represent a significant aspect of this room’s interior design.

Executive Office Interior | Interior Designers in DHA

We kept a different interior while selecting materials, tones, and textures because executive office interiors, in particular, have their unique moods. According to our experts, the interior of an executive office should be warm and functional for the space’s intended use. Similar to that, you can tell that Leppon Estate builder’s executive office has a cool, sophisticated vibe.

Staff Area | Furnished with modern & high-quality furniture

This space is simple in concept, but we made it stand out with wall LED lighting elements combined with white and brown wooden patterns on walls by best Interior Designer in DHA. Furthermore, for employee comfort, we gave ergonomically designed central portioned workstations along with manager and visitor office chairs by www.workspace.com.pk.

Meeting Room | Upgraded with durable furniture

We followed an interesting design approach in this office interior to make this meeting space feel more aesthetically pleasant. In order to make the meeting area private, our customer enjoyed the notion of using glass windows and space planning by our professional architects in Lahore.

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