PepsiCo Office (1100 Sqft) Executed by AenZay in Cantt Multan

We had done another Commercial Project in Multan our team of lahore’s best and most talented architects, who can handle your project successfully. Additionally to excellent space planning, the client also requested high-end, long-lasting furnishings. Because their staff members spend a lot of time sitting down at work. Aenzay’s specialty is that we consistently come up with fantastic solutions for customers. We created and produced ergonomic furniture for our client for the same purpose. Since ergonomically designed furniture improves the comfort and productivity of the workplace.

Moreover, our professional Architects in Multan gave this office a functional and fashionable look.

However we believe that Effective workspaces don’t simply involve knowing the latest Commercial design trends these days. And the motto of Aenzay is Progression – the only way to go made our architects in Lahore to take a step further to fully transform the space into a trendy workplace. Therefore, we determined what the employees of Pepsi Co desire and incorporate into their workspace. And by mixing and matching all the details with our expertise we upgrade this office interior as well as exterior to another level. In fact, we believe that everyone should have a pleasant working environment, that’s why our goal is to design comfy offices. Since AenZay Interior and Architects has the best team of architects who help you develop an ideal workplace for you. Therefore, we assist you to choose the top-class modern office interior designer in Lahore when it comes to upgrading your workplace.

Staff Area | Commercial Design Trends | Architects In Multan

Because Staff Area, in particular, have their own distinct moods, we preserved a different while choosing materials, tones, and textures. Our experts advise that a staff area interior be welcoming and suitable for the room’s intended purpose. Similar to that, you can tell the area of PepsiCo Office has a chic, upscale air. 

Architects In Multan | Meeting Room | Aesthetically Designed

In this office , we used an intriguing executed strategy to create a more aesthetically pleasing meeting room. Our customer liked the idea of employing glass doors and space planning by our qualified architects in Lahore to make the meeting room more private.

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Discussion Area | Furnished with Modern Design

This area that’s been designed & furnished with authority status in mind with this combination of aesthetic appeal and functional comfort. This approach focuses on creating a space that is not only visually appealing, but also supports the well-being and productivity of employees. Additionally, incorporating features such as natural lighting and mirror doors can improve the overall ambiance of the space. The goal of a Discussion Area with ergonomic office furniture is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that fosters collaboration and encourages productivity.