One of the commercial and interior design projects of AenZay includes Philip Morris International Sahiwal. Our designers have designed this office with various decor elements and wall interiors according to the client’s requirements. The project was completed with 100% client satisfaction.

Sahiwal project architectured and interior designed by Aenzay

Architects: AenZay Interiors & Architecture               Location: Sahiwal Design Team: Design Studio Team lead by Nayab          Area:  7000sft        Project Year: 2019     Type: Commercial Project

Entrance Area

First impressions are an important part of human interaction which, I will say, translates into an office environment as well. Applications set the tone for potential talent, giving them insight into a company’s culture and values For this reason, the reception or lobby can be an important part of the office, allowing you to convey positive feelings and impressions to visitors when they first enter your office.

Staff Area

If you need a staff room design, AenZay’s  Design team is the team to turn to, we are a professional design team and are experts in staff rooms and design solutions staff room. The staff room interior designs we provide are effective and efficient, we creatively design staff rooms to ensure we maximize your success and make the most of the room space. AenZay’s design team is known for transforming properties and commercial premises, especially when it comes to breakout areas, office staff rooms, and small staff room ideas. Our team will bring imaginative ideas to life, ensuring that your staff room is productive and designed to the highest standards.

Meeting Room

Do you have an idea to design a meeting room? Aenzay ‘s team has designed this space with an Off-white combination and white color scheme. Stylish and modern walls with captions look awesome. Similarly, a door with windows that have transparent glass also looks engaging.

Manager Room


Have a look at the cafeteria interior design. Aenzay’s designers designed this section according to the cultural theme based on an Off-white & Brown. Likely, there is a custom-designed wall with a name that enhances the beauty of the cafeteria. Meanwhile, a combination of Off-white & Brown on walls, furniture, and doors also look amazing.