Total Parco Head Office 40,000 Sqft Lahore | Corporate Project | Interior Designers of AenZay

One of our amazing commercial projects includes Total Parco Head Office designed by interior designers. The interior design of this project has been designed according to the client’s requirements and according to the theme. Each Room and Area in this office is unique and holds a special aura. 

Reception Area

The reception area is spacious and welcoming. The furniture used in this area is very modern and elegant. Small planters and small décor elements are used to enhance the beauty of the reception room and to make it eco-friendly. L-shaped sofa is used to make good use of the space.

Waiting Area

The waiting area is designed so that it would be comfortable for those who are waiting in this waiting area. The Green color of the sofas enhances the beauty of the room and makes it look eco-friendly. A small centered table is used in the middle of the sofas to give it a complete look.

Executive Office Interior design

Last but not least Executive room has been designed keeping in mind the Executive officer. The beautiful abstract painting is used on the back wall. The chairs and tables used in this office are all executives. The beautiful blinders are used in beautiful greyish color to make it look professional.