Construction Companies in Pakistan

Construction Companies in Pakistan

Heavy Machinery Used by Construction Companies in Pakistan

Construction Companies in Pakistan
Construction Companies in Pakistan

Whenever you come across a construction project, you often see heavy machinery working. But rarely aware of their uses and how they work. There are so many different types of heavy machinery that facilitate the workers in construction activities in so many different ways. They have multiple uses, from digging gigantic holes in the ground to moving tones of heavy material to lay building foundations. Construction companies in Pakistan like AenZay Interiors and Architects go for the successful completion of bigger projects. For that, we believe that the selection of required heavy machinery or equipment depends on it.

Following are the most important construction equipment of Construction Companies in Pakistan and their applications:


Compactors are usually known as rollers. Rollers are basically used to compact and press materials on the ground, they are also used to level surfaces. Compactors make it suitable for creating smooth surfaces once the base is ready, surfaces like we usually travel on motorways, highways, and other types of roads. Road rollers you will see in road constructions are soil compactors.


The backhoe loader is the most common heavy construction equipment that construction companies in Pakistan use. You will see it working on many construction sites. Usually it is made up of a loader and a tractor. It has a variety of applications and one of the best heavy machinery used in construction. It can be used for excavating, loading, unloading, and also lifting heavy material that is used in construction to transfer it to different levels of heights.


Dump trucks are also known as dumper or tripper. As you can also understand from its name, the chassis of the dump truck is attached to dump the body. The bed of the truck is raised with the help of a hydraulic ram which is mounted between the frame rails. All construction companies in Pakistan need this machinery, as it is required in almost every construction project, whether it is a residential or commercial project. It is used for the transportation of construction material.


Tower cranes, as we can understand from its name, it is used in the construction of skyscrapers and high-rise. If you are from a big city like Karachi or Lahore, where huge buildings are being constructed almost every day in every neighborhood then you can see some tower cranes in your neighborhood working on different construction sites. The tower cranes can also easily carry different types of construction materials like bricks, concrete blocks, frames, wooden frames, steel pipes, and even laborers to different levels of height.


Bulldozers are another common and heavy construction equipment that construction companies in Pakistan use. They are actually used for excavating shallow levels of surfaces up to a specific point. They facilitate the workers while performing construction activities like pushing or removing massive amounts of material such as sand and soil. Bulldozer comes with or without tracked wheels. Their uses basically depend on the nature and technicalities of a construction project.